Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board have been given approval to begin development work on a Beauty Apprenticeship Programme, and a Barbering Apprenticeship Programme.

Following the consortium-led apprenticeship programme model, these apprenticeships will be industry-led. Programme development will be facilitated by a Consortium Steering Group in each discipline; these groups may include a combination of beauty / barbering industry experts and professionals, representatives of industry employer organisations, representatives of large, medium and small industry employers, and education and administration professionals.

Initial work on the apprenticeship programmes will involve gathering the opinions of beauty and barbering experts and professionals on an occupational profile for each apprenticeship. The occupational profile is a description of the knowledge, skills, competencies and professional qualities that beauty and barbering apprentices will have at the end of the apprenticeship.

Your extensive experience and expertise in the beauty and barbering industries are needed! We would love to hear your opinion on what knowledge, skills, competencies, and professional qualities should be included in the apprenticeship occupational profiles.

You Are Invited

You, or a representative from your organisation, are invited to the consultation events in May, where we will be listening to industry experts and professionals. Two consultation events will take place during the month. Both beauty and barbering apprenticeships will be covered on each day. There will be opportunities to ask questions and to network with other industry professionals. Refreshments and lunch will be provided on the day.

  • Dublin – May 8th – The Plaza Hotel Tallaght
    9.30am – 1pm
  • Limerick – May 15th – The Radisson Hotel
    9.30am – 1pm

To have your voice heard and to book a place at one event, please click here for Barbering Dublin or here for Barbering Limerick
Or click here for Beauty Dublin or here for Beauty Limerick.