Last update: January 2020

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data in the form of a text file that may be stored on your computer or mobile device having visited a website. It allows a website “remember” your actions or preferences over a length of time.

More detailed information on cookies can be found here

How Cookies are used on this website

There are two main categories of cookie…

  1. Session Cookies: are temporary cookies that are not stored on your computer or mobile device. These session cookies are erased when you close your browser, or after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  2. Persistent cookies: are cookies placed on your computer or mobile device for a pre-determined length of time when you visit this site.

IMAGE Skillnet may use Google Analytics to assist in managing our website to ensure we provide relevant information in an easily accessible format and as a tool to give our members/visitors best service.

Below is a list of cookies that we may use (last viewed 10 December 2019 14:38hrs):

Website Cookie Name Expiration Cookie Descriptor
IP_JAR JAN 2020 Information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the website.
ANID OCTOBER 2020 These are cookies that Google AdWords use to monitor performance of advertising and serve adverts to visitors based on the websites they’ve previously visited.
APISID SEPT 2021 Generally set through the site by advertising partners, and used by them to build a profile of the website visitor’s interests and show relevant ads on other sites. This cookie works by uniquely identifying your browser and device.
HSID SEPT 2021 Set by DoubleClick (which is owned by Google) to build a profile of the website visitors’ interests and show relevant ads on other sites.
NID JUNE 2020 As for HSID
SAPSID SEPT 2021 Enables Google to collect user information for videos hosted by YouTube.
SEARCH_SAMESITE JUNE 2020 SameSite prevents the browser from sending this cookie along with cross-site requests. … The strict value will prevent the cookie from being sent by the browser to the target site in all cross-site browsing context, even when following a regular link
SID NOV 2021 This is a very common cookie name but where it is found as a session cookie it is likely to be used as for session state management.The main purpose of this cookie is: Strictly Necessary
SIDCC MARCH 2020 This cookie carries out information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the said website. The main purpose of this cookie is: Targeting/Advertising


What Personal Data is collected by using this website?

This website will collect the IP address of visitors. While IMAGE Skillnet cannot identify an individual by an IP address (an identifier number assigned to each computer and other device) that same information may be passed on to the competent Authority so they make take the necessary steps to obtain information from the relevant ISP to identify an individual if they consider initiating criminal prosecutions as a result of a cyber-attack against this site.

Third Party Cookies

Please note that when you select a third party link on our website you may be susceptible to the cookies that they use on their respective websites. We recommend that you revisit your cookie settings and adjust them as required. National Organic Training Skillnet has no control over third party websites at this time.

Managing/Removing Your Cookies

To control the cookies from/on your computer or mobile device, please see the attached links for the most common web browsers in use. Note: Third Party Cookies may be set when using hyperlinks to another website. Note: The links below take you to external websites.

To provide our website users with the option of excluding their data from being used by Google Analytics, please click the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on for the Google Analytics JavaScript here.

To view Google analytics data privacy and security analytics information click HERE

You may also wish block web beacons, cookies, and similar technologies through software products such as:

Image Skillnet welcomes objective feedback in respect of this Cookie Policy. NOTE: This Cookie Policy is reviewed regularly and forms part of our overall Privacy and Data Protection notice suite.