The Future is Now!


Wellness Retreat with Sonia Magnier

This mini retreat day gives you the opportunity to escape for a short while. A change to take some time to reflect. Time to explore where you are now in life, your well-being, and what you’d like to focus on moving forward.

Join Business development and well-being coach Sonia Magnier and learn some learn simple tools to support your mind, body and soul.

Sonia Magnier is a business development and wellbeing coach with 25 years experience in the salon industry, which included running her own busy salon business for 20 years. Her passion is in supporting and empowering salon owners to create a life and business that they love. ’


11am – Welcome & Intention Setting/Meditation 

11.30am – Grounding Yoga & Breathwork 

12.30pm – Life and Well-being coaching session focusing on:

  • Creating balance and
  • Minding your energy 

1.30pm – Lunch

2.30pm – Reflect, Reassess and Reset;

Time to reflect on what’s working for us and what’s not, so that we can reassess, reset and focus on the areas we want to improve on. We will use simple tools that help reduce the overwhelm and allow us to see things clearly. 

3pm – Goal Setting; 

Time to set some goals! 

When we know where we are going we can figure out how to get there. Having a clear focus allows us to live an intentional and mindful life. Knowing WHY we are doing us keeps us inspired and motivated to work towards it. 

3.30pm – Q&A Session;

An opportunity to share and ask questions.

4pm – Finish